Dieter Dance Information

Dance Information for All Dieter Dances!!

Annual Dance Fee For Cocktail Dancers and Village Social Dance
It was decided by the executive committee to establish a yearly dance fee which is pro-rated as new couples join us according to the month they become members. Click here for the 2020 Fee Schedule!
Distribution Contribution – 50/50
This is a very important undertaking. Our distribution contribution covers coffee, ice tea and cake for the Birthday members and Anniversary couples, paper goods, and other expenses.
For Tickets or Availability
To attend weekly dances, please contact Dieter to inquire about ticket availability by phone at 352-603-4133, or by email, (See Email Note below).
Waiting List
To be placed on the waiting list for Cocktail Dancers or Village Social Dance clubs, please contact Dieter by phone at 352-603-4133, or by email, (See Email Note below)
Cocktail and Village Social Dance Dress Code
Our intention is to make our Cocktail Dancers and Villages Dance Club dances a bit up scale. The ladies are asked to dress in cocktail wear. The gentlemen are to dress in a collared dress shirt (banded collars accepted), dress slacks and a jacket. Ties are never required. Dance T-shirts and practice skirts (short skirts) are not acceptable. They are not Cocktail wear. Simply put, dress to impress. Our Sergeant at Arms will let you know if your apparel is not acceptable for the evening according to our dress code. Please co-operate with our dress code, it sets us apart from all other weekly dances.

Cocktail Dancers and Village Social Dance Summer Dress Code
During the summer months, April 1 thru October 31:  Dressy wear for the ladies. Short sleeve dress shirts acceptable for the gentleman, jackets optional, tie not required. Please dress for a nice evening out. During the summer months, jackets are not required.
 Country Dances Dress Code
No T-Shirts or Shorts, please, summer or winter.
Friday Dance Party 
Dress Code
No T-Shirts, Shorts, or Sneakers please, summer or winter.
Set Up & Break Down

At present, our Vice President, Lorraine Von Behren, is in charge of set up and break down of the tables in our dance hall for Cocktail Dancers and The Villages Social Dance. The Vice Presidents for Country Nights dance clubs will request volunteers to help set up and break down the tables at each of their dances.  The Vice President will ask three couples to set up the tables with tablecloths, decorations, and ice buckets. The couples should be there by 5:30 pm. The same couples that set the tables up should also break the tables down, empty ice buckets, fold the table cloths and so on. For the rest of the year the Vice President will select the next three couples, moving through the list until everyone has assisted in this task.


George Downs is head of the committee in charge of clean tablecloths for our Cocktail Dancers and The Villages Social Dance dances. Volunteers are needed on a monthly basis to wash and return clean  tablecloths within 5 days after the dance to George Downs.  The Vice Presidents for Country Nights dance clubs will request volunteers at each of their dances to wash and return clean tablecloths within 5 days.

Coffee & Cake
One couple is needed to take charge of this venture. Please help out.

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