Dieter Dance Rules

Dance Rules

The Board of Directors for the Cocktail Dancers and Villages Social Dance Clubs meet annually each January to review operating procedures and club rules. These rules apply to the Saturday night dances.

1. All members of the clubs are highly commended for their financial support and volunteerism during the year (e.g., with set-up, clean up, tablecloth laundering, etc.). We have progressed much since the first club dance on January 30, 2010. We are happy to announce that both of the original clubs (i.e., Cocktail Dancers and The Village Social Dance) are fully subscribed for this year; openings currently remain in the Country Nights dances.

2. The executive Board of Directors decided to restrict both Dance clubs to couples only since single people have no one to dance with throughout the evening, which causes problems. On occasion, when members have family or friends in town, admission will be granted to those family and friends, at no charge, as long as seating is available

3. Please remind newcomers and guests that the 50/50 raffle tickets are an important part of our operating revenues; all attendees are strongly encouraged to purchase tickets at each dance. The 50/50 tickets will be sold until 7:30pm at each dance. When possible, any unused funds generated by a Dance Club will be returned to the membership at the December Dance as in the past year, but you must have been a Dance Club Member for the full year. The Treasurer will retain enough funds to operate the check books and accounts involved in each Dance Club.

4. The Cocktail Dancers and The Village Social Dance dress code for men is jackets and long sleeve dress shirts, with ties optional;  dress code for women is cocktail wear.  During the summer months, April 1 thru October 31: Dressy wear for the ladies. Short sleeve dress shirts acceptable for the gentleman, jackets optional, tie not required. Please dress for a nice evening out. During the summer months, jackets are not required. Country Nights dress code is more relaxed: jeans and collared shirts are acceptable; but shorts and t-shirts are not. Acceptable footwear are dance shoes and dance sneakers, but sandals and flip-flops are not. Likewise, observing the Line of Dance (LOD) makes for an enjoyable time for all. (See FLOOR ETIQUETTE under the Saturday Dances pages.)

5. Any announcements (verbal or written, e.g., flyers) made to the club membership (at dances or by email) must have the permission of the President and only shall be: (1) for the benefit of the members, (2) related to dancing, (3) related to Village-recognized clubs or non-profit public-service organization fund-raisers (e.g., veterans, rotary, hospice, etc.), and (4) not for personal gain.

6. Club equipment (e.g., popcorn machine) and materials (e.g., tablecloths) purchased by the dance clubs are for the sole use of the clubs and will not be loaned out.

7. This year we will continue with the scale back the food that has been offered at the regular monthly club dances, the Holiday Dance Parties, and the New Year’s Eve Party in an effort to continue the ‘year-end gift-card program’ of past years. We will continue to serve cake at club dances.. We will continue to honor the birthdays and anniversaries at each dance; we will not necessarily conduct a ‘snowball’ dance at that intermission.

8. The dates, rooms, and bands are set for 2016; but we wish to learn of and consider other suitable quality entertainment, so forward your suggestion(s) to any of the Board members.

9. Membership prices are listed on the “Membership” page.

10. Members who cannot attend a dance are asked to e-mail (or call) Dieter of their absence. Your tickets are non-transferable but the club can sell additional seating, of absent members, to dancers on the monthly waiting list and guests.

11. All dance attendees (Club members, Village residents, and Guests with Village IDs) must abide by the Dance Club rules, adhere to The Village’s club regulations, and exhibit acceptable social behavior. Failure to comply may result in removal of such persons from the dance (with prorated fees returned). Examples of non-acceptable behavior include, but not limited to, disregard for club rules, being inebriated/intoxicated, causing an altercation, etc.

12. The clubs sometimes offer special charity/fund-raising dance events throughout the year. These will be posted on the clubs’ website, may occur on different days of the week, have different pricing, dress code, food offerings, etc.

We intend to stay true to our mission of providing high quality social dance events. Your feedback and ideas are always welcome. Thank you again for your support!