Country Nights

Welcome to Country Nights …

2019 Schedule Coming Soon!

Nightly walk-ins ($7) are welcome as long as seating is available, 50/50 suggested.

This dance is held on the Fourth Saturday of the month at Rohan Rec Center! This dance provides for both “two-step” and “pattern” types of dancing to country music. Progressive dance styles like waltz and two-step use the outside lane of the floor and pattern dancers use the inside lane (both in a counter-clockwise direction). Non-progressive dance styles (or, spot dances) like swing, cha cha, night club, line dancing, etc. use the center of the floor. Dress code for this dance? Country dress is in order. Remember, no T-shirts or shorts, please. In addition to the Dance Information page, Remember to check out Dance Floor Etiquette – let’s be safe out there!!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to occasional conflicts the location listed below MAY CHANGE. You can confirm the location for a specific date by checking the date on our calendar!